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 Maksat - Ak-Belek Line.


The Akhal-Teke -pure, part and Anglo is growing in popularity throughout the world

and is now represented in many disciplines, proving to be a true Sport Horse.

There are now no less than sixteen horses competing, either bred,

produced or offspring of Saintwestwell stallions/mares.


Saintwestwell Maksat

Silver Dun, Purebred Akhal-Teke Stallion

Race record: 2x 1st, 2x 2nd, and placed.

Holder of two course records from five starts.

Competed at national Endurance level, and has

produced proven stock competing up to

advanced Endurance level.

Maksat’s exceptionally hard feet, good bone, rider perception, and athletic physique

make Maksat a top sire for your future prospects. Maksat’s services are used by many of Britain’s former and present top international riders.

Maksat’s temperament is second to none. He crosses well with many other breeds which are proving to have exceptional athletic ability, paces and aptitude in all disciplines.

Maksat’s beauty, smooth flowing paces, superb balance and high intelligence are being passed onto

all his offspring.


Saintwestwell Red Maks

Golden  Metallic Bay

Part Bred Akhal-Teke

Sex: Stallion

Sire: Saintwestwell Maksat

Dam: Plas Equestrian Red Opium Flower

British Young Stock Champion


Starling Castle Supreme

Tobiano Sport Horse Stallion

with top Show Jumping and Eventing Bloodlines


A.I. available